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Care and Education – Aims of the Pre-school

snaps-DSC_3693At Pre-school, we aim to develop the skills each child needs to provide a firm foundation for their future school career, such as listening, speaking, concentration, persistence and learning to work together and cooperate with other children. We offer a wide variety of theme-based activities allowing children to experience all types of play. Activities include imaginative play, construction, problem-solving, and water, rhymes, stories, physical and creative play.
At Pre-school your child will have an opportunity to

  • Make new friends and learn about relationships
  • Learn about communication through language with an introduction to letters and words
  • Learn about maths through counting, sorting, matching, pattern, numbers and shapes
  • Become aware of the world around us
  • Participate in physical activities such as outside play
  • Develop creative skills such as painting, sticking and playdough.

Settling your child into Pre-school

snaps-DSC_3705Pre-school will be a new experience for your child and we will do our best to make the transition from home an easy one. Most children will settle quickly but do not worry it yours does not – talk to the Supervisor who will agree the best approach with you for settling your child and helping them feel secure.

We welcome any information you are able to give on your child’s development and will note any concerns you may have. If your child has special educational needs, please speak to the Supervisor.

The children’s progress and achievements are monitored through our key person system where a member of staff is designated to your child. The key person will follow your child’s progress and be your first point of contact, but you are welcome to speak to the Supervisor if you wish to discuss any matter in more detail.

We hold a regular open day when you and your child can come in to meet the staff and see some examples of what children can expect when they attend pre-school.

We have also introduced an informal open evening for parents to come into pre-school without their children, to meet staff, find out more about what the children do during their sessions and discuss their child’s progress.

What your child will need at Pre-school

snaps-DSC_3660Please do not send your child to Pre-School in their best clothes as they will have lots of opportunities to get involved in messy play. Clothes that are not too difficult to manage when going to the toilet are a good idea, and it would be helpful if cardigans, coats, hats and shoes are labelled with the child’s name as they do not always recognise their own things! In summer, please include a sun hat.

A drink of milk and a healthy snack will be provided during each session, but your child can bring an alternative drink in a labelled container if preferred.