OFSTED and Policies


Our policy statements can be seen in our policy folder on display in the entrance foyer. Our policies are reviewed on a regular basis and comments and suggestions from parents are always welcome.

NSPS - Policy Documents - 2017-2018

OFSTED Inspection

The pre-school is regularly inspected by OFSTED with its most recent inspection having been carried out in December 2018.
Here are some of the comments included in this latest inspection report. Click on the link below to view the full report .

OFSTED Report 2018

“Staff’s work with parents, before children start at the pre-school, is exceptional. They build very close bonds and pertinent information is shared during home visits. Children enjoy phased entry into sessions, starting their day a little later than their peers, then finishing at the same time. Staff and parents report how this simple idea has eased all worries and enabled the children to begin their early years journey very calmly and happily. Children demonstrate extremely positive behaviour and high-levels of selfcontrol. They are quick to mimic and learn excellent manners, that staff model for them. Children very quickly develop the ability to negotiate and organise turn taking. They thoroughly enjoy the excellent opportunities to improve their physical development and personal independence.”